Monthly Review, November 2010

Too Fast December

Image by Eyesplash

This will be my last monthly review for 2010. This time next month I will reflecting upon how I have fared in achieving my 10 Goals For 2010.

Review of Key Tasks For November

My focus for November was to keep things simple and I think I did okay at that – its just that November went too fast!

  1. One Handmade Christmas Gift
  2. Completed. We made some lovely tea gift sets.

  3. Reorganise my Christmas plan
  4. Completed and you can see the revised plan here.

  5. Send out Christmas Cards.
  6. I am only half way through our list, will aim to complete them this week end.

  7. Get Out!
  8. I said no to more things than I said yes to, but I did get to a school mum’s dinner and the fab Nuffnang Christmas party (you can see some great photos from the Hawaiian themed evening here at Super Kawaii Mama. I will have to manage activities carefully in December too, so I don’t burn myself out.

Key Tasks For December

To be honest – I am just planning on surviving this last month of 2010 🙂 . With Christmas and the book due it is going to one crazy month.

  1. Finish Off The Christmas Cards
  2. Only 40 to go!

  3. Set my goals for 2011.
  4. It can be hard to step out of the busyness of the everyday to think about goals, but I have found them to be amazingly helpful over the last couple of years. They help me focus my time and energy in the right places.

  5. Uniforms and books for secondary school.
  6. My eldest son starts secondary school next year. The school is having a second hand stall day for books and uniforms, so I want to take advantage of that and get all his things organised before the new year.

  7. Relax with the kids.
  8. My kids are already showing “end of the year” tired signs. I am looking forward to the end of the term and planning not to do very much at all between school finishing and Christmas so we can relax and unwind.

Are you all organised for Christmas? What’s left on your list to do?