Cinnamon Stick Christmas Decorations

Five and a half weeks to go until Christmas. This post is part of my Christmas Preparation plan. I haven’t been working on them in exact order this year. Having a plan for Christmas, means that I can choose a task for the week that better suits my schedule. I know that if I keep working through the list, I will have myself organised by the time Christmas comes around.

A lovely friend of mine, Justine put me on to Cinnamon Sticks. They have many uses, the first use I want to show you is as Natural Christmas Decorations.

As I have mentioned, my theme for Christmas this year is natural. I had intended to make a number of felt doves with my daughter. However, I have had to be practical about my time constraints this year and have opted for a much easier and quicker natural Christmas decoration. To make it all you need is:

  • Cinnamon Sticks – They can be purchased from most florist supply stores.
  • Twine (I am using the same twine as I used for our handmade Christmas Tags).
  • Ribbon

Natural Christmas Decoration

Depending on the size of your cinnamon sticks, you may need to cut them in half. Mine are about 10cms. Group them in to bundles of 5. Tie them with twine, making sure to include the ribbon underneath the twine. Tie the ribbon and hang them on your tree!

Natural Christmas Decoration

As you can see, mine are hanging on twigs. We don’t put our Christmas tree up until the 1st December, so you will need to imagine the greenery behind the cinnamon stick decorations! Not only do the sticks decorate the tree, but as they are scented, they make the room smell beautiful.

Cinnamon Sticks Handmade Gifts

Natural Christmas Decoration
Last year for the Christmas Craft stall at our school, Justine came up with the idea of making Cinnamon Stick gift packs. She cleverly ordered a bulk amount of cinnamon sticks, scented them with essential oil and wrapped them beautifully as photographed above.

They make a lovely gift. You can place them unwrapped around the house. The beautiful smell lasts up to 6 months in a closet and a few months in a larger room. You can even place them in wardrobes to help repel moths and silverfish.

The cinnamon sticks can easily be re-scented too. Simply place them in a plastic bag, sprinkle with essential oil and tie the bag up. Leave them over night and then they are ready to add fragrance to rooms again.

Have you been making any Christmas decorations?