Monthly Review, October 2010

A little late with my Monthly Review for October. I have spent the last couple of weeks writing and getting myself a solid plan for the book. My posting schedule has also been a little erratic over the last two weeks, but I think have that back in control now too!

Review Of Key Tasks For October

  1. School Fundraiser – Christmas Cards and Tags
  2. The group of women from school that I make the cards and tags with are completely wonderful. I haven’t done as much making myself this year and others have come aboard to lend a hand. This very morning we are congregating at my house to put all the cards into their packs and get them ready for delivery.

  3. More Handmade Christmas Gifts
  4. I didn’t make any Christmas Gifts in October. The first batch of resin gifts we made in September didn’t turn out as well as expected. The resin had set with too many air bubbles. We should have had a blow torch, but didn’t. I don’t have time to practice again, so will keep the resin (which isn’t cheap) for another time. I am going to make one more gift this month and I will have enough for this years requirements.

  5. Spend time on other projects.
  6. I had planned to launch a new blog/website in October. The book has caused me to change these plans, so I will defer launch now until the new year.

  7. Visit my niece!
  8. We had such a wonderful time in Sydney visiting my sister and her family. I miss them all dearly and wish we could see them again soon. Hopefully they will visit Melbourne in December fingers crossed. xxx

Key Tasks For November

My focus for November and December will be keeping things simple!

  1. One Handmade Christmas Gift
  2. Need to come up with one very easy handmade Christmas gift, that the kids can help with for teachers etc.

  3. Reorganise my Christmas plan
  4. This year’s plan had some time intensive activities that in an ideal world I would have loved to complete. I think I would have stretched myself too far with some of them, so I have already simplified the plan to reduce this possible stress factor.

  5. Send out Christmas Cards.
  6. We have a large Christmas Card list and I always like to write a personal message, so it takes me while. I plan to have them completed by the end of November.

  7. Get Out!
  8. When I have a heavy work load, I tend to do a bit of the “all work and no play” sort of a gal. There is no way that I undertake the same amount of social commitments this year as I normally would, but I need to make sure I have a little bit of play!

What about you? How are you planning to see out the last couple of months of 2010?

Image by aussiegall