Planning With Kids Newsletter

The Planning With Kids Newsletter is called NOW with Nicole Avery. It is an upbeat weekly newsletter that aims to help you organise the chaos of family life and find simple ways to enjoy it more.

My philosophy is to organise the known and repetitive tasks of family life so you create a solid foundation that allows you to manage the more unpredictable and challenging elements.

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To say thank you for signing up for the newsletter I have created a simple but super useful guide for you to help you organise the chaos of family life. The free download helps simplify some of the repetitive and time-consuming tasks that occur as part of daily family life. Guide ✼ Plan ✼ Check ✓ contains 10 separate printable tools that you will be able to use over and over again. Here is a taste of what the guide contains:

Guide ✼ Plan ✼ Check ✓ – this is the contents page of the guide showing what it includes.

Children’s Jobs – Age-Appropriate Guide – reduce your workload & increase the kid’s independence skills with age-appropriate jobs for the kids

Monthly menu plan template – a template and resources to help make planning dinner time easy for the family.

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