Manners For Children

We have been so lucky to meet the wonderful Meredith this year. She has helped us in many ways and is such a generous person. Most recently Meredith lent me this fabulous little book called Manners Magic for Children by Patsy Rowe.

Aimed at children from ages 6 – 10, this book can easily be read by the older children themselves. It isn’t delivered as a lecture, but is light-hearted, clearly explains what behaviour is appropriate and the consequences of ill behaviour. Kids in this age group are still very “me” focused, so Rowe’s emphasis on the book being a guide to popularity and success, meets the “What’s in it for me?” question about manners.

Although we discuss manners at home, it is helpful for the children to read about their importance and how using them properly is beneficial. The book covers everyday social situations and highlights what are good manners for each case, including:

  • How to make a good first impression
  • When to say please, thank you, excuse me, I’m sorry and pardon
  • How to make good introductions
  • How to be a good sport
  • How to be a good host when inviting friends over
  • How to be a good guest (and be invited again!)
  • How to be a whizz at the dinner table (+ tips for tackling tricky foods)
  • Telephone manners including mobiles and texting
  • Netiquette and safe usage of the internet

Here are a couple of my favourite tips from Manners Magic for Children:

If you’re sitting down when someone new is introduced to you, stand up, smile confidently, look the other person in the eye then put out your right hand and say, ‘Hi, my name is Jack’ or ‘Hello, nice to meet you, Mrs Johnson.’

There is a great section on the art of standing up that is worth a read regardless of your age!

When you’re being introduced and are shaking hands, pay attention to the person’s name. If you repeat their name, for instance ‘Hello Pete’, or ‘Hi Susan’, it will help you to remember their name later on.

I do this as I find I can forget names easily, but I hadn’t thought about teaching this to my kids!

Take your cap or hat off at the table, or your ‘hoodie’ if you’re wearing one. Also take off headphones or earphones, and put you mobile on silent, or better still, turn it off altogether.

None of our kids have mobile phones yet, but I think this is an excellent rule for meal time.

My eldest child has read this book and I am now going to buy own copy so that my other children can read it. At $9.95 this book is tremendous value.

Manners Magic for Children – The Details

Publisher: New Holland Australia
RRP: $9.95
ISBN: 9781741109146
Size: 186mm x 120mm
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 96