Monthly Review, September 2010

Image by jam343

Although I didn’t achieve all my key tasks for September, I did achieve some pretty big things that weren’t on the list, so am pretty happy with the way last month turned out.

Review Of Key Tasks For September

  1. Implement Key Learnings From Problogger Conference.
  2. I have ticked off three items on off my action plan and am continuing to work my way through the remaining items. I won’t go into the bloggy detail here as this is not really the focus of Planning With Kids. It is however going to be closely related to item number 3 below.

  3. More Handmade Christmas Gifts
  4. Slowly making my way through this one. I have posted the handmade gifts we made using Chalkboard Paint and also the fun the retro coasters we made.

  5. Spend time on other projects.
  6. I did spend loads of time on projects in September, mainly the fabulous Aussie Bloggers Conference we are planning for 2011. Do you have your ticket yet? This did mean I have delayed the launch of my new blog until next month.

  7. Garage Sale
  8. We held our first (and probably last) garage sale in September. We had our first customer knock on the door at lunchtime Friday. Just a bit early given that the garage sale wasn’t starting until 9am the next day! It drizzled most of the morning, so weather wasn’t on our side but we did manage to have a lot of fun.

Key Tasks For October

As I write this (Friday) the sun is shining beautifully in Melbourne and I feel like spring is really here. I love the warmer weather and tend to get a new lease of life once I soak up some sun, so I am hoping to make great progress on these tasks this month.

  1. School Fundraiser – Christmas Cards and Tags
  2. I am again involved with making handmade Christmas Cards and Tags for the school this year. As we plan to have them ready for delivery by November, I have a lot of card making to do this month.

  3. More Handmade Christmas Gifts
  4. I would like to finish the handmade gifts this month, which means completing the resin project and starting one more.

  5. Spend time on other projects.
  6. As noted above, I want to launch my new website and continue my work with the ace team at Aussie Bloggers Conference

  7. Visit my niece!
  8. My lovely older sister had a baby girl a couple of weeks ago and I am so busting to meet her. As my sister is in Sydney without family, we are staggering our visits so that she will have more help for a longer period of time, instead of all at once. I will be taking the youngest three children with me and head to Sydney mid October.

As the weather warms up (southern hemisphere obviously) what do you have planned?