Activities For Mum

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Sharon emailed me with the following question:

I love your kid’s activities posts, but can you recommend any exercise activities for mums? I don’t have anyone to look after my children (4 and 2) and would like to find something where I can bring the kids along.

My main exercise outlet is the gym and I can manage to go early in the morning before my husband heads off to work. Going to the gym though is not something that suits everyone, so I did some research and came up with some great exercise activities that are focused on mum but the kids are welcome to come along. The activities below all link to real life examples in Melbourne, but I am sure a quick Google search will find you some in your part of the world.

NB. I haven’t actually road tested any of these myself yet, but will certainly let you know when I do!

Go-go Dancing

Hat tip to my lovely friend Cath who let me know about this activity at Anna’s Go-Go Academy.

Anna’s Go-Go classes have taken Melbourne by storm, and now due to popular demand Anna launches “Mums on the Go-Go!” the go-go classes specially designed for mums, dads, and kids to do together.

You’ll get a great workout, and the whole family will love the fun dance moves and great party music.

No dance experience is necessary, and in every class you will learn a range of fun moves you can use straight away on the dance floor. Do The Monkey, Pony, Swim and Hustle! Kids dance for free, bring the whole family!

The exact dates and times of the classes are not on the website at the moment and it says to contact Anna at for more information.


I have taken my kids rock climbing and have thought I would like to give it a try. Cliffhanger Climbing Gym runs mums and bubs sessions weekly.

It’s a very informal thing, where we open the gym only to Mums with bubs (up to 5 years of age), that may want to get back in to climbing or even try climbing for the first time. The session is really aimed at “mums” climbing, not the bubs, but we know that sometimes they just have to have a little go!.

As we are closed to the public (and other bookings) during the session, the kids are contained within our climbing area, and there is no one to complain about crying toddlers, breastfeeding mums etc, as everyone is in the same boat!

You are quite welcome to bring prams, porta-cots or play-pens, and we will also be providing some play pens. Our entire floor is made from 60mm softfall carpet, so there’s no problem with kiddies injuring themselves if they fall over, etc.

Costs: 2 hour session $15 per mum and $5 for any bubs that may want to climb. (If they are to climb you need at least 2 mums,)
The prices include any and all climbing gear you may need.

When: Every Monday Morning from 9:30am – 11:30am each week. Sessions do not run on public holidays or on the School holidays.

Where: Inside Westgate Sports and Leisure Complex, Corner Grieve Parade and Doherty’s Road, Altona North


It has been so many years since I have played netball, but I know many women who play and take their kids along. Many of the centres that host the netball competitions have on site creches so the children can play happily while you play. Check out your local council sports centre and if you are in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne you can check out Doncaster District Community Youth Club – Womens Hi-Ball Daytime Program.


Yoga has been on my list of exercise classes to try. Can’t seeing it happening this year for me, but if you have little ones and want to give it a try it would be worth checking out the Killbride Centre’s Mums Dads & Bubs Yoga Class.

Mums, Dads & Bubs Yoga class is led by an experienced teacher who has been practicing and teaching for over 10 years.

At this class Mums & Dads with babies and young children are encouraged to bring their children with them while participating in a class that is designed to help connect with other parents, recondition bodies gently, relieve stress, promote deep relaxation within a supportive environment.

Each class finishes with a 15 minute relaxation and all props and mats are supplied. Enjoy morning tea after the class and meet other Mums and Dads .

When: Every Friday (except September 17 to October 1 (classes resume 8 October))
Time: 10.15—11.30am
Cost: $5 or by donation
RSVP: 9690 1076 (book ahead numbers limited)
Where: Kilbride Centre, 52 Beaconsfield Parade, Albert Park


Mum and Tots Tennis
Tennis Australia runs a Mums’ Program over various locations all around Melbourne. The program helps you get fit, meet other mums, receive expert tennis coaching and have your kids looked after at the same time. You don’t have to purchase any equipment to participate. The cost for the program is only $25 for 5 weeks.

As you are having your lessons, the little ones are in the Tiny Tots Program.

This program is targeted at children aged between 3-5 years of age. The concept of the program is to allow mums to participate in the game of tennis without the burden of finding childcare. The program aims to develop fundamental motor skills such as hand eye coordination, balance, depth perception and reflexes. Mums must be participating in the Mums tennis program for their child to participate in the tiny tots program. The program is run by qualified coaches and costs $15 for the 5 weeks.

The Mums’ Program is run annually in Terms 1,2 and 4. Dates for upcoming programs are:

  • Term 4, 2010 – 11 October – 12 November
  • Term 1, 2011 – 14 February – 18 March
  • Term 2, 2011 – 9 May – 10 June

You can download the Tennis Victoria Brochure or for any other enquiries you cab contact the Tennis Victoria participation department on (03) 8420 8420 or email

What recommendations can you add that will let mum exercise with the kids?


Chemical Free Kids
Just a quick note about something else that many interest Melbourne mums. A talk called Non-toxic living for you and your family: Raising Healthy Children In A Toxic World… Presented by Eco Toys and featuring Dr Sarah Lantz, this seminar will help to provide answers to parents on these questions:

What are chemicals?
How do chemicals get into the human body? What makes a chemical toxic?
Why are kids particularly susceptible to chemicals? What are the health and behavioral impacts? How do we currently measure chemicals and determine their safety? What are the consumer assumptions we make? How do I identify harmful chemicals?

Lecturer, researcher, writer and mother, Dr Lantz has a background in public health and mental health. She specializes in the area of child and youth health and wellbeing. Unfortunately I can’t make it because I will be in Sydney, but it should be a very informative session.

Date: 16th October 2010
Time: 12.30pm – 3pm (registration 12.30 – 1pm)
Venue: Hawthorn Town Hall, 360 Burwood Rd, Hawthorn
Cost: $30

Tickets available online at or at Eco Toys & Baby Shop 651 Burwood rd, Hawthorn East 3123. For further information email or call 03 9078 7500.