Book Review: Zombie Felties

One of the things I love about school holidays, is that it gives me more time to spend doing activities with the kids. The first week of the school hols we were out and about most days, but this week we have spent a lot of time at home and have had lots of fun. The kids have taken turns choosing the activities they would like to do. My daughter had been keen to try to make something from Zombie Felties for a while, so it was her first choice.

The projects in this book are more difficult than those we have tried in Simple Softies For The Whole Family and children will definitely need assistance to make them. Thankfully the Zombie Kitty my daughter chose to make was one of the easiest ones and she could still do the majority of the making herself. We didn’t have all the things listed that we would need to make the kitty, so improvised with what we could find.

Zombie Felties Tracing

We scanned the templates and then enlarged them. The book says that they templates are already the correct size, but they would have been too small for my daughter to work easily with.

Zombie Felties - Glueing

This project had quite a bit of glueing, which was a great step for my daughter to do with out assistance.

Zombie Felties - Sewing

We did some overstitching for the first time.

Zombie Felties Finished

Then we could play with our new feltie!

Zombie Felties is a well set out book and the instructions come in both text and diagrams which is very helpful so kids can understand what the step actually requires them to do.

Simple Softies For The Whole Family – The Details

Zombie Felties small
Format: Paperback , 80 pages
RRP: $19.95
ISBN-13: 978014320446
Publisher: Penguin Aus.
Origin: Australia
Category: Needlework & Fabric Crafts

Planning With Kids received Zombie Felties courtesy of Penguin Australia.