Perfectly Imperfect – Some Weeks I Drop The Balls

This is the second year that Kate at Picklebums has had her Perfectly Imperfect Celebration. Last year I showed you my windows complete with the thousands of fingers marks. This year it is more about me and how I sometimes want to do everything, but don’t succeed.

Most of the time I can keep juggling all the balls so they stay up in the air, but some weeks I don’t. Sometimes they fall and I see imperfection all around me. The week just passed was one of them. This week I dropped the following balls:

  • There is no recipe post for the blog as I didn’t get around to trying the recipe I had planned to.
  • My adventurous toddler got his head stuck between the trampoline springs because I wasn’t vigilant enough.
  • My email inbox is full and I don’t want to look at it.
  • I have now left it to last minute to buy two birthday presents, even though I went to the shops twice.
  • A friend took my preschooler to a party for me. I mucked up the end time and I wasn’t home at the right time and made them wait for me – so sorry Laine!
  • I was short tempered and shouted at my daughter and made her cry.
  • Had to redo work that I thought was good enough, but really wasn’t.
  • It has taken me all week to write this perfectly imperfect post.

But I did get to:

  • Spend nearly the whole day with a dear friend and her kids on Tuesday.
  • See the excitement on my kids faces when I took them to the Collingwood training session.
  • See a photo of my beautiful new niece, who was born two weeks early. Cannot wait to see her in the flesh.
  • Have a wonderful time with Cath and her kids, taking my canine obsessed preschooler to see the Dingo pups at Healseville Sanctuary.
  • Get a big hug from my beloved husband that made me feel so much better.
  • Throw a small grand final party for the kids and some great friends, so we will always have fun memories of the drawn grand final of 2010. (We are not having another party this week!)
  • Laugh with my kids over fart jokes.

My life is far from perfect and I agree with Kate who says so beautifully in her post I am imperfect…again:

Life is not perfect. I am not perfect. No one is perfect.
Enjoy the chaos and insanity, find beauty in the mess, get some perspective… because these imperfect days will not last, and when they are gone you will miss them.

Image by Magda Sobkowiak