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Aussie Bloggers Conference

I have been working with an amazing group of ladies – Brenda, Veronica, Tina and Karen, over the last couple of months to help organise the Aussie Bloggers Conference. Today the Aussie Bloggers Conference goes live and early bird tickets are now on sale.

This amazing event is going to held in Sydney on March 19, 2011. So if you are like me and will have to travel, this will give you plenty of time to save, plan and get ready. You can even grab a badge from the website and help us promote it.

aussie bloggers conference

Hope to see you there!


life...your way
A fantastic blog that I have been following for some time has just expanded and become an even greater resource. It is now called life…your way and editor Mandi beautifully sums up what is all about:

In this internet age, we’re hit with opinions, facts and information from every angle every day — about food, finances, motherhood, success and more. And each day we have to wade through it all and try to decide what’s best for ourselves, our family and our children.

Life…Your Way has one goal: to help you sort through all of the facts and opinions so you can make an informed decision about what works best for your preferences, your needs and your lifestyle.

There is so much there to read, so if you have managed to find a few minutes to yourself, grab your desired drink and immerse yourself. While you are there be sure to download the free Christmas Planning eBook & Printables which is available with perfect timing (it is less than 100 days to Christmas now).

Any exciting news you would like to share?