Monthly Review, August 2010

Review Of Key Tasks For August

The last month of winter has seen lots of illness at our house. All seven of us had time where we were unwell, thankfully nothing serious, but enough sickness to see me get a little behind on things! Next month will see tasks that are going to be a continuation of the tasks from last month.

  1. Implement Key Learnings From Problogger Conference.
  2. I have written an action plan of what I would like to achieve from my learnings at the Problogger event. I have been working slowly on them, without bringing anything to completion yet. This will be my focus for September – fingers crossed we don’t have so many germs this month.

  3. More Handmade Christmas Gifts
  4. I am yet to post the blackboard tutorial, but that should be up by the end of this week! We have made some items out of resin and just need to finish them off, so that tutorial will also be posted this month, so I feel I do have this task under control.

  5. Spend time on other projects.
  6. I still am falling into the trap of doing the urgent not the important, but I am getting better! Improvement has to be a good thing! I can often spend too much time fussing over things that won’t add a lot of value, my husband has a rude phrase for this, he calls it “polishing a terd”! I am going to focus on not doing that this month!

  7. Prepare For Garage Sale
  8. We have been collecting items for the garage sale and storing then in every nook and cranny in the house! We are due to have the sale in late September.

Key Tasks For September

I am trying to keep myself focused, so the goals for September are very similar to last month.

  1. Implement Key Learnings From Problogger Conference.
  2. I want to follow up on my action plan and make sure that I have started to implement some of my ideas.

  3. More Handmade Christmas Gifts
  4. Start one new gift for Christmas and post two new tutorials.

  5. Spend time on other projects.
  6. I have a new blog that I want to launch in September. Putting that out here, really holds me accountable!

  7. Garage Sale
  8. Hold a garage sale and get rid of heaps of our junk! Yay!

How was August for you and what are your plans for lovely September?