Book Review: Yellow Is My Favourite Colour by Judy Horacek

As I have children aged from 11 to 1, I read a vast range of children’s texts to my kids which I thoroughly enjoy. I do however have a soft spot for well written, sparse, rhyming picture books and so I am just loving Yellow Is My Favourite Colour – just as much as my 18 month old is.

Yellow Is My Favourite Colour

Yellow Is My Favourite Colour is the latest book from Judy Horacek. Horacek is also the illustrator of another of my favourite picture books Where Is The Green Sheep by Mem Fox. The illustrations in this book are “happy pictures” as my preschooler like to call them. They are appealing in their simplicity and the characters on each page exude energy and joy.

This book is obviously the perfect vehicle to help your child recognise and name colours. I have always found that books have been the best way to introduce toddlers to colours and numbers. Children at this age love reading the same book over and over (and over!), so there is no need to obviously try and teach through the book, but simply enjoy the story and let the repetition do the trick.

Judy Horacek is an Australian cartoonist, writer and illustrator. She has been drawing cartoons for over twelve years and has worked for a multitude of community groups, unions, small magazines and good causes. Horacek’s work is often concerned with feminism, the environment and social justice issues. If you have few spare minutes head over to her excellent website and check out more of her work.

Yellow Is My Favourite Colour – The Details

Published: 31/05/2010
Format: Board book, 24 pages
RRP: $14.95
ISBN-13: 9780143504283
Imprint: Picture Puffin
Publisher: Penguin Aus.
Origin: Australia
Category: Baby Books

Planning With Kids received Yellow Is My Favourite Colour courtesy of Penguin Australia.