Tips For Organising and Decluttering Your Home

This month’s round up of posts from the blogosphere focuses on tips to help you organise and declutter your home. I had started decluttering at my house in May, but we have put off the garage sale until spring, so I lost momentum with it. These posts are helping me refocus on making life simpler by not being surrounded by so much stuff!

1. Preparing for the School Holidays with Autism

Marita over at Stuff With Thing has put together a fantastic post on how she organises herself and prepares for school holidays. Marita has two gorgeous daughters, one who has been diagnosed with High Functioning Autism and the other who has been diagnosed with Aspergers and tested as Gifted. The way Marita supports her daughters and helps prepare them for changes in their daily routines is truly inspirational.

2. 7 Organizing Myths Debunked

I love a good myth debunking and this post is a fab one over at Simple Mom. Starting with the myth that organising is only for Type A people to “Once you organize your home, it just stays that way” if you have been scared or put off investing your time in organisation, you should definitely read this one.

3. 10 Minute Tricks to Help You Get Organized

This post from All That Women Want, gives you some great ideas on easy ways to kick start some organisation instantly around the home.

4. Organizational Tips

This post from Tip Junkie is also a collation post and includes some excellent practical organsiational tips, from making your own hair clip organiser to organising your shoes.

5. Six Secrets of Organized Moms

This list from Better Parenting succinctly summarises the actions that organised mums implement in their daily life.

6. Quick Tip: Storing Summer Gear Together for Easy Access

Although in Australia we are right in the middle of winter, you could easily apply this tip to the basics for the winter items that you need (gloves, jackets, umbrellas etc). Mandi from Organizing Your Way shows how easy leaving the house can be, if you have all your frequently used items ready to go in the one spot.

7. list of steps for creating a home management binder

I have never actually created a home management binder before, but am going to give it a try when I get back from Sydney. ListPlanIt take you step by step through what you will need to do to create an effective home management binder. This idea, combined with the next two should see some significant improvement in my household organisation.

8. Bye, Bye Drop Zone

This post from Clutter Control Freak Blog basically just pointed out to me an obvious organisational problem that I have at my house. Our high kitchen bench that faces the lounge room is a constant drop zone. By that I mean it’s the place where most things get dumped when people re-enter the house (and I am probably the worst offender!) The post challenges me to stop doing the same thing each day and make a change. Well I will make a change when I get back from Sydney by firstly making a home management binder and secondly trying to set up a command centre that you will read about below.

9. Follow up Command Center Questions

You really must click through to I’m An Organzing Junkie to see how great this command centre is. I can see why Laura had to do a follow up post on it. I really want to get one of the fridgefiles that is shown in the picture. I am not sure if they ship to Australia and am waiting to hear back from them. This command centre set up should really help get rid of my drop zone I think.

10. 7 Benefits of Living With Less Stuff

Sherri from Zen Family Habits writes a compelling case on why it is simpler and better to have less stuff in your home. I also think this is particularly important in setting an example to my kids, that I don’t need stuff to make me happy.

Hope these posts have inspired you as well to declutter and get organised!