2010 Half Yearly Review

In late December I set 10 Family Goals For 2010, so as the end of June is almost here, I thought it the perfect time to review how I am tracking towards my goals:

1. Revamp the blog.


2. Learn the basics on new camera.

I have had a kind offer from a friend, that her husband will be able to give me some tips for beginners, but I haven’t found the time in this first half of the year. I have at least stopped taking all photos on auto! Will hopefully learn some more in the second half of the year.

3. Learn to say no.

I have certainly improved on this from March to June. Jan to March was pretty ordinary and I really pushed myself too hard with all the things that I tried to achieve. It really taught me to make some better decisions.

4. Organise photos.

It did take me nearly six months, but I did catch up on the back log that we had printed. We are now about to print another batch, so this task is never ending!

5. Visit the National Art Gallery.

As you may have read last week we attended a Nuffnang Family Day and saw the Rupert Bunny Exhibition. I aim to get the preschooler to some of the tots classes at the international gallery in the next half of the year.

6. Get the kids riding their bikes more.

When the weather was fine we were seeing the kids ride their bikes frequently. I don’t think they would have been on them since May, so will have to work on this one.

7. See live music.

Other than the Save Live Music rally – nothing! I am reworking my blogging work plan at the moment to free up more time so I can follow some other interests. I am hoping to improve on this in the second half of this year.

8. Fly to Sydney with the kids.

I will actually be in Sydney when this post goes live – so I can tick this one off as completed!

9. Live in the moment more.

My first quarter of this year was ok, but I have improved further over the last couple of months. As noted above I will be in Sydney when this post goes live and will have disconnected myself completely from my online life for over a week. I need to do this more and will try and work it into my work plan that I have regular disconnected time.

10. Contact our grandparents more.

So much better than last year! It has been great for the kids to see and speak with their great grandparents more. Will continue on with this path for sure.

So overall, we are tracking pretty well to the family goals for 2010. Still room for improvement in some areas, but I feel that over the last couple of months the balance is improving.

How are you tracking with your goals for 2010?