Drawtism – Play Pictionary and Help Those With Autism Spectrum Disorder

I was asked if I could help appealing to parents to help promote Drawtism, a national fundraiser that invites people to play Pictionary for Autism, which affects one in 119 children. Drawtism ambassador Tony Attwood says that the importance of this statistic is that most people now know a person or family with Autism Spectrum Disorder. I know this is certainly the case for our family, we know more than 5 families who have a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

You can organise your Drawtism event to play with friends at home, with colleagues at work, or organise a Big Game at a Pub or Hall. Whichever format you’re most comfortable with, ask everyone to pitch in with drinks and nibbles, sharpen your pencils and get drawing.

This year we have updated the drawtism website with online fundraising features to make organsing your game much easier. When you register as a host, you will be able to build your own profile page, add our TV commercial and any images from your game, as well as link news of your game to your Facebook profile.

Check out the Drawtism website for more info. Although the main focus was to have a Drawtism event in May, you can still hold one this week and send the funds raised through by the end of June to be eligible for prizes.

Funds raised from Drawtism goes to supporting those with Autism and their families through early diagnosis and intervention, school integration programs, family support programs, community involvement programs and employment services.