Keeping It Real

A little while ago I wrote a guest post for the lovely Miss Carly on her very helpful Early Childhood Resources blog. It was on giving preschoolers plenty of real life experiences to help build their confidence and abilities before they go off to school.


My eldest son went to a Montessori preschool and had a fabulous teacher who not only taught my son, but also took the time to teach me (and other parents) ways that we could help prepare our children for school at home. It wasn’t about drilling them with flash cards or teaching them how to write, but it was about letting children do things for themselves and to increase their independence by letting them use real household items.

This has been something that I have taken with me and tried to do as much as possible with all my children. It has been invaluable for helping them with the social and practical skills that children need when at school. There are many simple ways that you can allow your child to develop their abilities:

Head on over to Early Childhood Resources to read more and see some photos of my preschooler sharpening pencils and lots of other things!