Raising Playful Tots Index (RPTI)

From time to time on the blog, you will see that I refer to other projects that I am working on. Well finally one of them is completed! This project was a collaboration with Melitsa from Raising Playful Tots. It was the first time that I have worked with someone overseas on a project and I thoroughly enjoyed it, so thank you Melitsa for inviting me to be a part of the Raising Playful Tots Index.

The Raising Playful Tots Index

This first Raising Playful Tots Index is a quarterly look at play based blogs from around the blogosphere. The purpose of the index is to:

  • Connect readers and great play content together.
  • Celebrate, in one place, those blogs that support raising playful tots.
  • Gather together a network of play blogs.

Whether you are looking for new ideas, inspiration, things to do , babysitting tonight and need a helping hand, pop on over to the RPTI and enjoy the exciting play activities by parents and educators.

You will have a full play folder with a range of play activities from specialist to generalist. Waldorf play inspired to homeschooled, baby, toddler, preschool and School activities for you to dip into depending on what you are looking for.

I have listed below the top 25 from the list, but head on over to Raising Playful Tots to see the complete 100 index and grab your badge if you are on the list!

If your not on the list and think you should be (we know we may have missed out on some great blogs – we searched high and low, but some will have escaped us!) there is a form where you can leave your details so we can include you next time. You will also find FAQ and a form to submit any questions you may have about the index.

1No Time For Flashcards67.52
2Play Activities67.22
3Let The Children Play64.51
5Playing By The Book58.62
61 + 1 + 1 = 156.18
7Irrestible Ideas For Play Based Learning55.34
8Teach Mama 51.03
9Simple Kids50.55
10Childhood 10149.66
11Quirky Momma49.01
12Skip To My Lou48.17
13Frugal Family Fun Blog46.67
14Squiggle Mum46.03
15Fun In The Making45.49
16Rhythm Of The Home44.49
17Planning With Kids44.27
18Let's Explore43.77
19Unplug Your Kids42.63
20The Activity Mom40.60
21Child's Play x 240.45
22Not Just Cute39.97
23Teacher Tom's Blog39.59
24Childhood Magic39.03
25Ordinary Life Magic38.71

The List Authors – Melitsa and Nicole

Melitsa Avila is a stay at home mum raising three full of fun boys in various countries as a military mum. She shares her thoughts and ideas on keeping Early years playtime fun for both parents and children through her website and podcast.

Nicole Avery (That’s me!)
As a mother of five gorgeous kids ranging from 11years to one year old, I have figured out a few tricks, processes and plans that have helped make our daily life easier. Through my blog I share my ideas on how to streamline the repetitive tasks in family life, so you have more time for fun the parts like playing, getting out and about or just quietly enjoying each others company.