World Cup Kids Activities – Quiz

This is a follow up post to my one earlier this week, World Cup Kids Activities – Flags. The idea for this activity actually came from my poor geography skills! My 9 year old asked me “what is the capital of Ghana”. I had no idea and as he asked me in the middle of making dinner, I said that I would find out and get back to him.

Instead of telling him the answer I decided to use the question as the basis for a World Cup Quiz! The quiz is very simple and requires the kids to use the atlas to work out what the capital city of each country is and what continent the country belongs to. My kids have a day off today, so they have decided that they will work on this with their dad who is also home!

The table below gives you can example of what the format of the quiz is. You can download the quiz which has space for all 32 countries in this year’s FIFA 2010 World Cup in either excel or pdf format. (Both formats also have an answer sheet for parents who like me, don’t have a strength in geography!) :

CountryCaptial CityContinent
South Africa

Have you been doing any world cup activities? If so I would love it if you could send me some photos. I already have a couple from readers and would like to do a collection post of what activities parents have been doing with their kids around the World Cup. Thanks!