Indigenous Crafts From Bolivia – 3 Bags Full Finger Puppet Pouch Give Away

Thank you for visiting Planning With Kids. The competition has now closed and the winner will be announced tomorrow.

Sue from Indigenous Crafts Bolivia contacted me earlier this year and asked if I would like to review her gorgeous 3 Bags Full Finger Puppet Pouch. From the minute I clicked on to her website I knew it would be a product that my kids would love and that I would be very happy to endorse. (So much so that I have I placed her banner in the side bar of my blog a number of months ago, supporting Sue’s worthwhile business endeavour.)

The puppets are beautifully made by indigenous women of Bolivia:

Anyi Bolivia is a network of indigenous artisans from across Bolivia. It helps women gain self esteem by teaching them the skills necessary to become wage earners for their families. It also enables many artisans to remain in rural communities, thus avoiding the trap of urban poverty.

Members of the network make a moral commitment to participate, based on the ethics of Anyi — a self-help system used in pre-colonial times by Aymara and Quechuan people.

There are currently 200 full time artists and 300 who work part time. Individual and small groups of artisans produce various types of handicrafts that reflect their native cultures. These handcrafts are produced locally and sent to La Paz, where the retail and exporting business is coordinated

In addition to providing artisans access to large retail and export markets, the Ayni leadership team also teaches the artists small business skills, helps with the production of their crafts, and gives them ideas about how market themselves locally.

Indigenous Crafts from Bolivia are a member of Faces of Fair trade and pride themselves on paying a fair wage and ensuring that the women work in a healthy environment. They pay in advance for products and help the indigenous artisans develop new ones that will sell in North America.

The 3 Bags Full Finger Puppet Pouch is just one of the hand crafted items they make. The pouch consists of eight animal finger puppets in a knit carrying bag. The bag itself as you can see has a scene on the front and one side of a press stud. The finger puppets have the other side of the press stud and as children make their puppet show they can attach the puppets to places on the bag.

Finger puppets provide such a great avenue for story telling, imaginary play and some fine motor practice as well! As they come with their own bag, they are a perfect toy to take out and about so the kids can entertain themselves.

Indigenous Crafts from Bolivia are giving readers of Planning With Kids the opportunity to win a beautiful 3 Bags Full Finger Puppet Pouch. To enter:

  • Visit Indigenous Crafts from Bolivia.
  • Come back to Planning With Kids and let me know in the comments out of the six available themes for the pouches, which one you would choose.
  • You may only enter once.
  • Entry is open worldwide.
  • Competition closes 5pm Friday 11th June AEST.
  • Winner will be drawn randomly and announced on the blog Saturday 12th June.
  • Good Luck!