Monthly Review, May 2010

Review Of Key Tasks For May

My overriding goal for May was to slow things down. I didn’t fully succeed in this, but May was certainly better than April. I am aiming for further improvement in June as well.

  1. No more plans!
  2. I actually cancelled a couple of events and said no to others, both very big steps for me. While I will be making plans again, I am going to work hard to achieve a better balance between being at home, being out and blogging.

  3. Finish Decluttering
  4. For a number of reasons, we have decided to delay our garage sale for a couple of months. So I have put a hold on some of the decluttering temporarily (because I have run out of places to store it) and will do it closer to the date of the garage sale.

  5. Photos
  6. I have finally started this task! Will keep on working my way through it over June as well.

Key Tasks For June

My focus will be on keeping it simple and balanced for June:

  1. Read one fiction book.
  2. I read Butterfly last month, the first fiction book I had read since The Slap and I really loved it. Sonya Hartnett is the author and i came across her work when I reviewed her new gorgeous children’s book The Boy and The Toy.

  3. Plan a break for me
  4. I love blogging, twitter etc but I really feel the need to untie myself from technology for a bit and am going to schedule myself some time to do so.

  5. Complete blog posting plan.
  6. Firstly thank you much to all the readers who emailed or left comments regarding what they would like to see covered on PWK over the next six months. There were so many great suggestions and I am really looking forward to writing about them. I will be adding these topics and more to the posting plan, to complete the next six months for the blog.

  7. Spend time on side projects.
  8. Sometimes I get in the habit of taking care of the urgent and not spending my time on the important tasks (Stephen Covey anyone?). Well in June I am going to try and change this around and spend some quality time on some projects that need my attention.

How was May for you and what are your plans for June?