Melbourne Mum Bloggers Meet Up @ Birdie Num Nums

Well we had such a wonderful morning at Birdie Num Nums, getting to meet other mums who I have “known” from the blogosphere, some for a couple of years now. The sleep gods were very kind to me and my two fell asleep on the way home and even better they transferred into their respective cot and bed and went back to sleep. Hence I have had a chance to whip up this post! (Although the 4 year old doesn’t normally have a sleep in the day, so I think he will be up a bit later tonight.)

You know how when you organise an event and your the first one there and you get those thoughts “What if no one else turns up? What if I am going to be sitting her with just the kids all morning?”. Well luckily I only had a few minutes of that before the lovely Nelle turned up! Then before you knew it the very long table was full and we were looking for extra chairs.

It was a fabulous turn out with the following bloggers traveling to meet up, some who traveled for more than an hour with little ones. Thanks for making the effort, it was a pleasure to meet you!

A big thanks to Nuffnang, who sponsored the event and happily picked up the tab. If you are interested in making a little money from your blogging, I can highly recommend checking out Nuffnang. They are a great bunch to deal with and are currently looking for more Aussie Mum Bloggers for their advertising network.

Birdie Num Nums was a great central location for us to meet. The sandpit was a great attraction for the kids, but the thing that stood our for me was the way the staff took the kids in their stride while still doing a super job serving us! (Changing facilities were also great and there was even somewhere to leave the dirty nappies.)

Part of those disjointed conversations that mum’s have when at a cafe with kids, turned to talk of future meetings and ones that could be sans kids, where we could talk blogging, social media, design, photography and all sorts of interesting things without interruption! If you couldn’t make this meet up, but would be interested in something like this, either send me an email or leave a note in the comments and I will keep you updated.