Change Of Season – Children’s Clothes Reorganisation

This is an update of a post I wrote back in the first couple of months of blogging, but it is still such a handy tip that I thought I would talk about it again as I have been doing the change of season reorganisiation.

We are now deeply entrenched in autumn here in Melbourne, so it is time to reorganise the kids clothes, pack away what they won’t be wearing for a while (eg summer school uniforms) and get out the bulky winter clothes.

I have also used this opportunity to clear out any clothes from the kids wardrobes and drawers that either no longer fit them or that they no longer wear. By far the best way I have found to keep kids drawers well organised is to use boxes (shoe boxes and cut up nappy boxes) inserted in the drawers to create defined spaces for the different articles of clothing.

As you can see in the photo, in one box there are bathers (anyone who know my preschooler will know how important this section is to him!), pyjamas, in another underwear and another socks. As all children preschool aged and above in our house are expected to put their clothes away themselves once they have been laundered, having very distinct compartments for the kids means that they are much more likely (notice I wrote likely!) to put the articles of clothing in the right spot.

So if you look closely at the photo, you will see the clothes aren’t necessarily neatly placed in these boxes as the control freak in me would like, but they have been placed (shoved!) in the right box by the preschooler and he knows where to find the items he needs.

What tricks do you have to help keep your kids clothes organised?