Monthly Review, April 2010 – Slowing Down

After start to the month of April, in the middle of the month, I decided to change the way I did things to improve my motivation, stress levels and state of the house. While not hitting 100% with the changes, the parts that I did change made a substantial difference and I am going to work harder at cementing these changes into my life.

Review of Key Tasks For April

  1. Birthday Celebrations.
  2. A happy nine year old took two friends and saw his beloved Collingwood win a game of football! And even despite the rain, we managed a very fun “Dog Disco” party for the four year old.

  3. Visit The National Gallery
  4. Didn’t happen unfortunately.

  5. Bike Riding
  6. There was some early in the month, but almost none in the last week, so will keep encouraging the kids to get out and have a ride. (The focus though is on running as both boys made through to the inter school cross country.)

  7. Reduce The Stuff In Our House
  8. This has been such a freeing experience. I am just loving ridding our house of all this stuff! I still have two big areas – the kitchen and the attic to tackle and will do this in May

  9. Organise Photos
  10. It is with much angst that I can still see my pile of photos while I write this post. At least blogging about makes me put it back on the list!

Key Tasks For May

My overriding goal for May is to slow things down. I don’t want to be the person who always answers “busy” when people ask how are you? I want the pace of our life to come down a notch or two, so that I can relax more and not feel like I am constantly running from one activity to the next. So only a few simple tasks to focus on for May:

  1. No more plans!
  2. Other than those I have already scheduled, I am not going to make plans for any evenings out, afternoon teas, catch ups etc. I think to pull back from this for a month will help me get on top of things.

  3. Finish Decluttering
  4. Be ruthless when going through the kitchen and attic about what we actually need to keep.

  5. Photos
  6. Let’s see if I can finally tick this off my list!

    And that is it for May – short and sweet! What about you, what are you planning to achieve?