Aqua Doodle Review and Moose Toys Give Away

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I am not a mess-a-phobe, but sometimes, just sometimes, I really like having a toy that is low maintenance and that will occupy the preschooler for a decent chunk of time. Moose Toys recently sent me an Aqua Doodle and it actually does just this. It is a simple two piece activity set :

  • 1 large doodle mat
  • 1 magic water pen

Once the pen is filled with water, the child can then draw on the doodle mat to their hearts content. The picture comes up in blue and as it dries it will begin to fade. There is plenty of time for the kids to admire their artwork though. I love how children have the ability to think things are magic? When we filled the “magic” pen with water and then the preschooler started drawing on the mat, his first words were “it’s like magic!”.

Aqua Doodle Draw 'n Doodle Practicing Letters

The mat itself has the alphabet drawn around the edges. My preschooler was the one who pointed this out to me, so I thought I would go with this and asked him if he could draw an “s” (that is the starting letter of his name) and he then willingly obliged! It is the first time that he has made an attempt to draw an S and I thought he did a great job. My second eldest son when I showed him this photo said “but mum, it’s back to front!”, I explained that when he first started writing “s” he would often do this too. He didn’t seem convinced :).

The mat rolls or folds up, so can easily be taken out with us and given that I always have my water bottle with me, we will always have the “magic” to make it work. The older children have used the Aqua Doodle to play games like noughts and crosses (tic, tac, toe) and hangman.

Moose Toys Give Away

Moose Toys Prize Pack
Moose Toys are offering readers of Planning With Kids (Australian residents only sorry) the chance to win a Moose Toy Pack, as seen in the above photo. The pack has a has a retail value of over $50 and includes:

  • Party Animals Collector’s Case
  • Beados Mineez Starter Pack
  • Mighty Beanz Flip Track
  • Bendaroos Activity (3D)

Entry is easy! All you need to do is visit Moose Toys and then come back, leave a comment to let me know your favorite toy from their collection. Entry is open to Australian residents and is limited to one per person and all entries must be received by 12pm AEST on Saturday 8th May. The winner drawn randomly and will be announced on the blog later that day. Good Luck!