Would You Like Someone To Come And Clean Your Bathroom?

Sponsored by Nuffnang

Do you ever read something and think, this is too good to be true, I must have read it incorrectly? Well that’s what happened to me, when I read the email from Nuffnang saying that Vileda would like to send a SWAT team to my house and clean my bathroom for me. As noted last week, I had been finding it a struggle to stay on top of everything in the house and finding the daily chores all very tiresome and hard work.

Cleaning the bathroom is actually the definition of hard work for me, give me vacuuming and dusting any day. And I am not on my own with my dislike of bathroom cleaning. In a recent survey conducted by Vileda, 67% of people said that the bathroom is the worst room in the house to clean, followed by the kitchen (24 per cent). So naturally I accepted the offer to have a SWAT team come and clean my en-suite bathroom. 🙂

It is difficult to post the before and after photos, because when the Vileda SWAT came, I think my en-suite bathroom was the worst it had ever been! It certainly gave the team a challenge, which they passed with flying colours wouldn’t you say? The difference in the grouting is quite spectacular and the grimy soap build up on the tiles has completely disappeared.

Vileda Bath Care Range

The SWAT team used Vileda’s new range of Bathroom Care Products which have been specifically designed to make cleaning easier. Since the SWAT team has visited I have used the products on the main bathroom and have found that they do exactly that. While I found all the products to work well, my absolute favourites were:

  • Vileda Bath Magic – This is basically a scouring sponge on an extendable handle with a very cool swivel head. When using this to clean the bath and shower I had to bend and stretch much less than I normally do and I still got into all the corners that desperately needed a clean.
  • Vileda Tile and Grout Cleaner – When the SWAT team (who are professional cleaners) were cleaning the en-suite, they told me it was the best product of its type and I have to agree. Although the grouting in the main bathroom wasn’t as bad as the ensuite, it still needed significant work and the strong silver ion bristles worked an absolute treat. These bristles apparently also work to deactivate bacteria microbes and prevent bacteria growth. Here’s hoping!

Vileda have also launched Help Me Clean a very useful website with tips and advice on household cleaning. As a regular writer of top 10 lists, I loved Help Me Clean’s Top 10 cleaning tips. I am going to try this tip for walls and tiles with my kids, who have recently watched Karate Kid:

With one sponge soaked in vinegar and the other with bicarb, use them like the Karate Kid and wipe on, then wipe off.

Now if I could just receive an email next week asking me would I like a SWAT team to come and clean my kitchen……………. 🙂