2010 Quarter 1 Review

Back in December I set myself 10 goals for 2010. So instead of just reviewing my monthly goals for March, I am going to review the first quarter of this year and see how I am tracking!

1. Revamp the blog.

First phase is complete. I have a second set of changes that I am hoping to make over the next couple of months.

2. Learn the basics on new camera.

I haven’t made much progress on this. I have a friend who has offered to give me a hand, but it has been a time issue more than anything else. I have however stopped taking all my photos on auto and playing with other options, which is a start at least.

3. Learn to say no.

In the first quarter I have learned the consequences of not saying no, which was that I was ridiculously busy in March. This has prompted me to get better at saying no and I have declined some opportunities in both blogging and personal capacity.

What I have realised about myself though is I really just don’t like missing out on things! So even though I am exhausted and have loads of work to do, I will still want to make it to the year 1 mum’s dinner for example. I will then just come home and do work after that 🙁 . I am going to change the way I and view my inability to attend events, not so much as a loss, but that I am gaining time to have calm and rest.

4. Organise photos.

No movement yet, but there is still 1.5 weeks of the school holidays left and it is on my agenda.

5. Visit the National Art Gallery.

Not yet. This goal will be a priority for the second quarter.

6. Get the kids riding their bikes more.

Success! Having the older boys participate in the Weet Bix TRYathlon was great motivation for every one to have a ride. We even went to the Hawthorn Velodrome and the kids are keen to get back there again. The challenge will be to keep this going now the weather is becoming cooler and the TRYathlon is over.

NB. – The boys had a fabulous time participating in the triathlon. There was over 3000 kids involved and I thought the event was incredibly well organised. Both boys felt a great sense of achievement on completing the triathlon and they also felt it was great pre-season training for their football!

7. See live music.

Unmet again! But I am determined not to give up on this one – I love seeing live music too much, so I am just going to have to get better and choosing how I spend my social time.

8. Fly to Sydney with the kids.

Will do this late May early June.

9. Live in the moment more.

It is amazing how just being aware of something can lead to significant improvement. Although not perfect, I am finding that I am making conscious decisions to shut down other thoughts (generally my to do list!) while I am playing with the kids or while I have friends over etc. I keep reminding myself that these are the most precious moments and I need to appreciate them more.

10. Contact our grandparents more.

Significant improvement on last year, which I am happy about.

So the first quarter has been moderately successful at working towards achieving my goals for the year. I have also learned much about myself and how to do things better and will use this to focus my energy for April.

Key Tasks For April

  1. Birthday Celebrations.
  2. We have two birthdays in April (20 &30), one of which will be a party and the other just a quiet celebration.

  3. Visit The National Gallery
  4. Will aim to have this as the one big family activity we do this month.

  5. Bike Riding
  6. Encourage the kids to ride in the street over the school holidays and weekends.

  7. Reduce The Stuff In Our House
  8. Last month we managed to have a big clean out of all the children’s wardrobes and reduce the volume of clothes each child has. I want to this will the stuff we are accumulating as it is seriously driving me crazy The more stuff we have, the more mess we make. I am thinking about having a garage sale to get rid of it. I have never had one before so would love any tips or advice you might have on this.

  9. Organise Photos
  10. I am determined to do it this month because I am so sick of writing about it!

How was the first quarter of 2010 for you? What are your plans for April?