Delicious Relationship And A Business?

This week’s is the fifth part of the 7 Essentials for Guilt-Free Living for Business Mothers Series and it is about relationships.

When was the last time you and your partner went out on your own? If it was last week then you are one of the lucky few. Running your own business can take a huge toll on personal relationships. Throw in being a mother at the same time and it can be a struggle to be more than mere ships passing in the night.

This week’s discussion is about what you can do to have a delicious relationship with your partner and run a successful business.

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Australia: Wednesday, 3 March

11.00AM Melbourne/Sydney (AEDT) / 10.00AM Brisbane, (AEST) / 9.00 AM Perth (AWST)

North America: Tuesday, 2 March

7 PM Eastern time / 8PM Central / 7PM Mountain / 6PM Pacific

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Teleseminar topics yet to come:

  • the SIMPLE steps you can use to move from frantic to fun family life (by me!!!)
  • how to identify and overcome the GUILT trap.