7 Unspoken Truths About Your Hormones

This week’s is the fourth part of the 7 Essentials for Guilt-Free Living for Business Mothers Series and it is about hormones. Recent research shows that as we juggle multiple roles trying to ‘have it all’ some women’s testosterone levels are reaching masculine levels. By following men up the corporate ladders, or matching them on the sports field and generally becoming more stressed ‘achieving’ we are seeing significant detrimental hormone changes.

Yet we are not hearing women’s hormones talked about in the business context (constructively anyway!) This is despite our hormones having a huge impact on how we feel and behave. They affect our overall health and energy levels – and consequently our ability to succeed in what we do.

In this webinar it is your chance to hear the impact of this research, and better still, ask questions of special guest Queensland naturopath and health adviser Sam Beau Patrick. Her topic: 7 Unspoken Truths About Your Hormones and What You Need to Know To Keep Them Healthy

The 7 Essentials Teleseminar Series is about whole-of-life issues which all impact our businesses and lives. That’s why I’ve been happy to be a featured expert and believe the topics are ones to recommend knowing more about.

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Australia: 24 February 2010,

11.00AM Melbourne/Sydney (AEDT) / 10.00AM Brisbane, (AEST) / 9.00 AM Perth (AWST)

North America: Tuesday, February 23

7 PM Eastern time / 8PM Central / 7PM Mountain / 6PM Pacific

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