Serabeena Give Away Winner and Social Media Update

Congratulations to Tracey whose comment was number 39 and therefore the winner of the $40 voucher for the fabulous products at Serabeena. Tracey if you can forward me your details, I will arrange for your prize!

Serabeena Give Away

Social Media Update

If you would like check out my profile on Google Buzz you can find it here. I have only played a little bit with this, but it seems very similar to friendfeed to me. If you are on Google Buzz and happy to make your profile public, leave it in the comments and I will follow you!

Also if you have visited the blog recently you may have seen a little message above the post, welcoming you and providing a link to subscribe to the email updates of blog. This is a new addition to help first time visitors to the blog find an easy way to subscribe. You should only see it three times and then it will register that you are not a new user and no longer appear for you (unless you don’t use cookies and then you may continue to see it).

Have a great week end!