Race To Nowhere

I came across this post recently which really caught my attention, Education: Race To The Top Part I – Is your child on the runaway train of academic overachievement? It was published on Psychology Today and was written by Jim Taylor, Ph.D., who is an adjunct professor at the University of San Francisco.

For most of the article Taylor discusses The Dark Side Of America’s Achievement Culture | Race To Nowhere, a powerful new documentary by Vicki Abeles.

Although it is on the American education system, I would encourage all parents to watch it the above trailer (only 3 minutes), as there are many issues that would be found in Australia.

In this second video which can be found on the New York Times website, it is a 4 minute section on Advanced Pressure classes in the US. Whilst we don’t have anything that runs by that name here in Australia, I know that many year 10 students begin taking year 11 subjects, so that in year 11 they can take year 12 subjects and so on.

It seems that the point of education as a journey of learning has been forgotten. I hope the Race To Nowhere can help build momentum for change and take the pressure of kids.