Monthly Review – January 2010

In December I posted my 10 Family Goals For 2010 and there were no specific goals for January. So I will highlight my progress on some of my 2010 goals to date:

Review of Key Tasks For January

  1. Revamp the blog.
  2. 90% Complete. There are still some things that I would like to add, change or tweak, but we are nearly there!

  3. Learn the basics on new camera.
  4. Just dipping my toe into the water on this one, but at least I have moved from just taking all photos on auto, to using other settings!

  5. Get the kids riding their bikes more.
  6. We had a very old fashioned school holidays this summer past. Lots of bike riding, board games and hanging out together at home. The older two boys are also riding regularly in training for their triathlons.

  7. Live in the moment more.
  8. This has been my biggest area of personal improvement over January. Whilst not perfect, I have managed to switch off my nagging to do list when I am doing other things and just enjoy what I am currently doing.

Key Tasks For February

  1. School Craft
  2. Our children’s school has a fair biannually and I am responsible for co-ordinating the craft stall. As the fair is in March, I need to get organising!!

  3. See a band with Mr I
  4. It feels like forever since we have done this together and I already know that all the week ends in March are busy, so February is the month for us to do this!

  5. At least on week end family outing
  6. With sport and other commitments on week ends during school terms, sometimes it is difficult to fit in a fun family outing on a week end. Summer is such a great time to get out together and do things, so I don;t want to miss the opportunity.

  7. Complete blog post plan.
  8. I have a base outline for the year, but want to flesh out the first six months.

  9. Side projects
  10. I have a couple of side projects going on at the moment and I want to allocate 4 hours to each of them over the month of February.

How has 2010 kicked off for you??