7 Essentials for Guilt-Free Living for Business Mothers

GFM Seminars

Back in December I was lucky enough to be approached by Jayne Jennings to become involved in a free 7 Week teleseminar series, that she was running with Valerie McDougall – 7 Essentials for Guilt-Free Living for Business Mothers . Jayne and Valerie are work life balance coaches and they have organised international experts to share useful and practical information on a variety of subjects throughout the teleseminar series.

The topics that will be covered through out the series are:

  1. ORGANISATION: Top 7 organisation mistakes to avoid in business.
  2. FINANCE: The 7 financial terms you need to know if you are serious about making money.
  3. PERSONAL: 7 steps to better self confidence for business success.
  4. HEALTH: 7 Unspoken Truths About Your Hormones and What You Need to Know To Keep Them Healthy.
  5. LOVE: 7 steps for keeping your relationship delicious while growing a business and being a mother.
  6. FAMILY: 7 Steps For Simplifying Daily Family Life.
  7. GUILT: 7 Things To Avoid The Guilt Trap.

Guess which one I am doing????? As you may have noticed there is bit of a seven theme running through the series. Jayne and Valerie conducted extensive research into life work balance for women entrepreneurs and found business mothers coped least well. It led them to launch www.GuiltFreeBusinessMothers.com. They are fun women who are serious about their aim to improve the lives of women and their families. This teleseminar series is their gift to friends of the expert speakers, which means you!

To register, simply click here. The series will start:

In Australia on Wednesday 3 February 2010,
11.00AM Melbourne/Sydney / 10.00AM Brisbane / 9.00AM PERTH

In US: TUESDAY 2 February 2010,
@ 7PM Eastern time / 6PM Central / 5PM Mountain / 4PM Pacific

If you’re outside of these countries you can check your time at: World Time Server.

Each speaker will be offering bonuses to attendees and you can attend as many or as few calls as you’d like. You can also register after the series has begun. Although targetting business mothers, this series will be beneficial to any one who is looking to achieve better life balance.

I will be posting a reminder each Tuesday (AEDT) about the upcoming teleseminar and some more info on who will be speaking and their content. I will be looking forward to learning loads from my fellow presenters!