New Look Planning With Kids

As you may have noticed Planning With Kids has a new look! (If you are reading this through a reader or via email, click here to have look.) I have my lovely, lovely sisters to thank for the new blog theme. When they asked me for a suggestions list for my Christmas present last year, I put the Thesis WordPress Theme on it (slightly tragic I know). I have now joined the ranks of the Thesis fans – I just love this theme. It is so functional and flexible. It has taken me some time to work out snippets of html code to achieve the desired results and I am still working through on or two of them, but it is such a great base to customise from. If you notice that something is not behaving quite right, please drop me a line at planningwithkids [@] gmail [.] com and let me know.

I then sought out someone to design a header and a few other bits and pieces. It took me a while to find someone who could do it, for the right price and fitted in with my time frame. The Twitterverse sent me the lovely Adina. Adina is a freelance illustrator from Brussels. Head on over to her website and check out her gorgeous illustrations!

I will take you through a quick tour of some of the new things on the blog:

Social Media

Underneath the fabulous sponsors of Planning With Kids, I have a series of icons that you can click on to connect with me on various social media:

RSS – You can subscribe to my posts in a reader.

Subscribe via Email – You can subscribe to my posts via email.

Twitter – You can follow me on Twitter.

facebook – I have just set up a page on facebook and you can become a fan if you wish!

StumbleUpon – You can see what I have been liking on the web. I had some trouble with my StumbleUpon account a couple of months ago and had to change it, so if you were subscribed to me previously, you may like to update to my new profile.

friendfeed – You can subscribe to my friendfeed account, which is basically all of my social media action, summarised in the one spot!

Delicious – You can also subscribe to my online bookmarks


The topics that I write on can now be identified by their own icon like this one:

If you click on the topic it will take you to a results page, showing all the posts that I have written on that topic.


I found the previous search function on the blog, to be quite inefficient. I have added Google Search to the blog. You simply enter your search term, click enter and it will take you to a search results page. The key results are in the middle of the page and will be results from this site only. At the top and to the right you will find ad searches results from Google.

Recommended Resources

These are products that I have used or researched and recommend highly. I am an affiliate with those products, so if you were to click on the banners and make a purchase, I would receive a small commission.

Supporting The Cause

These banners represent causes that I feel passionately about and support. You can click on the banner to find out more information about each one.

That completes the tour of the new look Planning With Kids! As I mentioned earlier, I am still tweaking it here and there, so please do let me know if you run into any problems.

Thank you for reading Planning With Kids 🙂 .