Planning With Kids Second Anniversary!!!

On the 2nd of January it was officially two years since I started blogging!! I have to honestly say that when I started I was never sure how long I would stick to this blogging thing. Then when I drew to the end of my pregnancy this time last year, I really had no idea how I would continue blogging with a new baby.

Well I did manage to continue blogging with a new baby and have now been blogging for two whole years. When he was very little, I would often blog while he was having his breastfeed. (No way is that possible now as he loves cords and buttons and gets so easily distracted when feeding!!!) To a certain extent this year as hectic as it was in some parts, was the year that I found my blogging rhythm:

  • I found a posting frequency that suited me and continued growing the blog (3 posts a week – any more was a bonus).
  • I began batch writing my posts on weekends, to eliminate the pressure of feeling that I had to turn on the computer at night time during the week.
  • I was given an iPhone for my birthday from my beautiful kids and husband, which has helped significantly in the essential blogger tasks of reading items in my Google Reader and Twittering 🙂 .
  • And most importantly I have realised that the blog can wait! Little ones are only little ones for such a short time, so although I have so many ideas for what I want to do with the blog, these ideas will have to be implemented slowly, so I can still spend time with the family.

On my first anniversary I posted the 10 most popular posts on Planning With Kids for 2008 and I will continue this trend by listing the most popular post on the blog for 2009. All but one of these posts were written this year – Tea Cup Biscuits was written in August 2008 but is still the most popular post for the year in terms of page views. In order here are the top 10:

1. Tea Cup Biscuits

Tea Cup Biscuits

2. Rocky Road Recipe – Kid Friendly Version

Rocky Road Recipe

3. 3 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

3rd Birthday Party Ideas

4. Characteristics Of Two And A Half Year Old Behavior

Characteristics Of Two and a Half Year Old

5. Children’s Party Food Lunch Boxes

Children's Party Food Snack Boxes

6. Creating A Children’s Timetable

Children's Timetable

7. Magic 100 Words Or Sight Word Lists

Magic 100 or Sight words

8. Coping With A Baby That Cat Naps

Cat Napping Baby

9. Launching Free Menu Planner

Free Menu Planner

10. Christmas Theme Ideas

Christmas Theme Ideas

Thank you to everyone who has read Planning With Kids over the last two years, I have enjoyed blogging so much more than I ever imagined!