Fun Activities For Kids To Do When It Is Hot!

Fun Activities For Kids To Do When It Is Hot!

As we are in for some warmer weather this week, I have updated the post below sharing some ideas of things to do with the kids when it is hot outside. We will certainly be doing some of these ourselves this week!

1. Water Based Play

{Please check the website for current dates and prices as this post was written some time ago.}

Probably the most obvious is to head to the water of some description. We don’t have a beach house or close relatives that do, so we don’t tend to do this one as much as I would probably like. With 5 children and one still a baby a shorter drive to a pool is easier for me at the moment. Here are some that we have had some fun at:

  • Aqualink Boxhill – Week days from 11 – 15 January, 18 – 22 January and 25 – 29 January (except public holidays) Sessions run from 1.30pm – 3.30pm and are included in the normal pool entry fee ($3.80 for a child, $5.00 an adult). Activities include the inflatable, Tarzan rope, dive boards and our a brand new aqua trampoline. All children under the age of 10 years must be actively supervised by an adult (16 years & over).
  • Monash Aquatic and Recreation Centre – along with traditional wave sessions, has big board sessions where you can take along your body boards. Children under 10 must have an adult with them in the water. The Big Board sessions are run on Tue and Fri nights from 5:00pm-6:00pm and 7:00pm-7:30pm. They also run on school holidays, but you will need to check the website for exact details.
  • Maribyrnong Aquatic Centre – has a range of interactive pool waterplay features to entertain the kids during school holidays. There are inflatables each day so that kids get a chance to try all sorts of new play experiences. Bring the kids along to try the giant inflatable, Buccaneer, Nessie the Monster, the Zilerator or the Log Roll. Times were not listed on their website so call 039317 0250 for further details.
  • North Melbourne Recreation Centre – Some friends of mine will tell you that this is about the best outdoor pool there is in Melbourne! It has a 25 metre, 8 lane lap pool, learners play pool, toddlers pool and infant splash pool. Prices: adult $4.50, child $2.60 and family (2 + 2) $11.40.

2. Build A Cubby

Build A Cubby House Inside
Make a big cubby house inside and have a picnic lunch in it.

3. Visit The Library.

The air conditioning is generally good and it works in a couple of ways for us. It gives the children something to do before we go – I hand the children the library borrowing receipt and a pen and they have to go and find all the books we have to return. We generally have out 20 or so at a time so it can take some time to do this! Then the kids have a great time choosing some new ones when we are there and once we get home they can chill out and read the new stuff.

Often there is school holiday sessions as well, but you do have to book so check out the library’s website, I have listed just a few that I know of:

4. Cook.

Cook together, something which of course does not require heat.

Chocolate Balls Recipe

Chocolate Balls

Rice Bubble Slice
Tea Cup Biscuits

Tea Cup Biscuits

5. Write.

Write a joint story. You might remember this one from school. Someone starts of the story and then you take turns at adding a sentence until you have put together a funny little story. We generally start this by handwriting first, then I let the kids publish the work on the computer, where they can then add pictures.

6. Build and Construct.

Building With Blocks
Build with wooden blocks or construct with Lego stuff (or like product). It is amazing how long the kids will make stuff for. We generally end up with a bit of a theme going amongst us, like space craft, cars, or houses. If we have used Lego, then we then put them up on display for a while on a shelf.

7. Water Bomb Fight.

Have a water bomb fight. You can pick up water bomb balloons at the supermarket these days that come with a little squirter bottle to fill the balloons up with. Just save some bath water from the night before and use that to fill them up. You can also use a funnel and jug as that can be easier for the little ones. It is fun to build up a stash of 10-15 each and then declare “war” and run around the backyard and get wet!

8. Homemade Lemonade

Make Lemonade With The Kids

My kids love to make lemonade. I usually just help them get all the required materials and ingredients and let them go for it. This does mean that I turn a blind eye to the amount of sugar that gets added!

9. Musical Statues.

This is another eternal favourite with kids. Let the music play, then stop it and they need to stop moving. Anyone moving is out and the last one standing is the winner.

10. Photo Albums.

Hot days can be a great time to go through the family photo albums. My kids love looking at themselves and hearing the stories behind the photos. And seeing that I am over a year behind in putting photos in the albums, I am going to try and get the kids to help me file them away too!