Enjoying The Spirit Of Christmas

If you are trying to get organised for Christmas, check out my 10 Week Christmas Plan. Only 1 week left until Christmas!

On my to do list from my Christmas preparation plan was Enjoy the spirit of Christmas. Probably seems a little odd to actually put that on the list, but I find it can be so easy to get caught up in the “doing”, that you can miss what Christmas is really about. Here are some things that are important to me at this time of year:

1. Family

To me the most important thing about Christmas is spending time with family. As I have mentioned on the blog before, I am originally from the country town in Victoria, Mildura. My parents still live there, as does one of my sisters, my nana and many aunts and uncles. Every second year we travel to Mildura to spend Christmas with my family and we did that last year. So I from my family, I will only be seeing one of my sisters and her husband on Christmas morning. We will be having a lovely day with my husbands family, but I do miss family on days like this.

On the years that we don’t travel to Mildura, I send along with the presents a DVD to my parents, which is a showcasing the kids and the family through out the year. This year is the first time I have put it together on the MacBook and it was so much fun. iMovie makes it so easy and lets you add also sorts of extras to make it much more interesting. And before you think, it would be too technical to put it together, iMovie is incredibly easy and intuitive. It only took a few minutes to add the extras that I wanted.

I know it is kind of painful to watch some one else’s home movies, but I couldn’t help but edit a little bit of the movie to share. Not only does it show you some of the fun things you can do with iMovie, but you can see how gorgeous my little boy is. ( And it goes for less than one and a half minutes!)

I believe that there is a similar product for PC users- WIndows Movie Maker.

2. Nativity


We have seen two nativities this year. My children’s school performs one each year, with the preps all having a role in the performance, my daughter was an angel. It is simply divine to watch and I love how by acting out the story of the birth of Jesus, the young children really begin to understand it. My nephew’s school performed a nativity play by the prep students as well and my nephew had the starring role of Joseph! Also at home when we set up the Christmas tree, we always set up a nativity scene and I talk to the children about what Christmas represents to us.

3. Community

Taking time out to attend the Christmas Masses and enjoy the spirit of Christmas with our community.

What does the spirit of Christmas mean for you and how do you like to celebrate it?