10 Posts With A Dash Of Christmas

A little later than usual with my monthly wrap up of some favourite posts. This collection are all spiced with a dash of Christmas!

1. Gift Wrapping 101

Wrapping Christmas Presents

Image by grabadonut

Written by Montessori teacher Anne, itty bitty love is a long time favourite blog of mine. In this post Anne takes us through a practical lesson that they have used in her preschool classroom, wrapping presents.

2. Holly, Jolly

I really like the philosophy of Small Notebook:

We want a home that is welcoming and peaceful, without clutter. Fewer distractions, so we can focus on what’s really important.

In this post Holly, Jolly Rachel talks about making sure your enjoying what you are spending time on in the lead up to Christmas or otherwise make some changes to either your attitude or what you are doing.

3. Holiday Celebrations In Preschool

Christmas Tree Small

Image by James Jordan

Room to Grow: Making Early Childhood Count is a recent find for me. In this post Tonya discusses how she feels in America “We have become so afraid of offending someone that some of us just act as if the holidays don’t exist.” She then gives thoughtful suggestions for having an inclusive and culturally relevant December in a preschool and also adds a great list of holiday books.

4. Sweet Holidays

The Long Thread shares a recipe for Peppermint Bark that can be made for Christmas Gifts for teachers and friends. Ellen even includes a downloadable page of labels so you can have instant gifts.

5. Charity Gift Cards Make Great Holiday Gifts

Connect with your Teens through Pop Culture and Technology is also another new blog that I am enjoying. Jennifer lists charitable options that you can give to teens, that actually allows them to make a decision on what cause the money will go to.

6. Tie A Pretty Gift Ribbon

Another great post from Small Notebook. This is actually a cool little video that shows you how to tie ribbon around your present, so that when it is time to open it, there is no need for cutting or pulling hard.

7. Holiday tables: Cranberry Cheer


Image by Vieux Bandit

Head over to this visually stunning blog frolic and check out this simple table setting. Requires two key ingredients cranberries and ribbon.

8. trying to keep smiling: quick trick, holiday notes

Teach Mama shares a very sweet tradition she has started with her family. Amy takes you through the steps to make special Holiday Note Card boxes and has a template that you can download to create your own holiday notes.

9. The alternative Play Activities Holiday Gift Guide #5 Unstructured play, open ended and downtime

Melitsa from Play Activities wrote an excellent series in late November on an Alternative Holiday Gift Guide. Part 5 was a particular favourite of mine, giving kids the gift of open ended play and even the opportunity to be bored!

10. 35 Christmas Presents for Future Science Geeks


Image by Jekert Gwapo

Science@Home is a written by Deb, an ex-(paid) science teacher now a SAHM to two girls. This list is fab and includes unique gifts like an outside thermometer, shovel or calculator.