Monthly Review – November 2009

Planning With Kids Monthly Review

November was a blur for me. I am looking forward to a slower paced December!

Review of Key Tasks For November

  1. Attract Advertisers For Planning With Kids
  2. You may have noticed that I know have three private advertisers on the blog. I would like to officially welcome:

    If you would like to advertise on Planning With Kids or know of someone who might like to, please head over to my Advertise page for more details.

  3. Start and Finish My Christmas Shopping
  4. I have started my shopping but have only be made it through about 75% of my list. I really need to work on this as, I dislike shopping in the last couple of weeks of December.

  5. Big Boy Birthday Party
  6. This was last weekend and he and his mates had a great time. I will post more about what they did next week.

  7. Christmas Giving
  8. We have completed the toy donations component of this task, but we didn’t fit in volunteering this year unfortunately which I wrote about here last week.

  9. Christmas Craft Stall
  10. The craft stall was a huge success and dramatically exceeded my expectations. So many of my friends helped and worked very hard to pull this off. I was grateful to be surrounded by these clever ladies – thanks a bunch!

Key Tasks For December

  1. Play!
  2. As I mentioned at the start of this post, November was just too frantic and I did not play with the kids anywhere near as much as I usually do. To prevent this from happening again, I am going to be adding “play” to my to do list each day and making sure that I give it the priority it deserves.

  3. Finish My Christmas Shopping
  4. I would really like to have this completed by Friday week (11th).

  5. Daughter’s Birthday Party
  6. My only daughter turns 6 this month and as it is her first year at school, she will also be having a party. I have not organised a thing yet and the party is ten days away, so I have quite a bit of work to do!

  7. Celebrate The End Of The School Year
  8. It has been a pretty big year for our family, and the kids have worked hard at school, so I want to find some way to celebrate together the end of the school year and recognise their efforts.

  9. Christmas Craft Stall Feedback
  10. This was the first year that I have been involved with craft stall at the kids school. It was a steep learning curve for me, and I want to document the process that I went through and provide general feedback on how it went.

Is December a mad and crazy month for you?