Parenting Podcasts – Perfectionism

Back in September I listed some parenting podcasts that I had found useful, inspirational and educational. Although I am unable to listen to all of the episodes of the current podcasts listed, I have been listening to quite a few and and it has been a fantastic way to absorb new information.

Recent stand outs for me, both covered to some degree the issue of perfectionism.

(1). Parenting Unplugged Radio, Episode #37

In this episode Todd and Laura talk with guest Scott Q Marcus. They discuss how perfectionism can prevent you from actually taking any action and gives advice on how to break down large tasks/objectives to make them achievable. The part I like particularly was that they talked about how as a parent you don’t have to be “perfect”. It is nice to hear this when you know your not!

You can listen to it directly from the Parenting Unplugged Radio website – (you can also download it from there), but you can just click play and listen to it straight away.

(2). Family Confidential – Good Girl vs Real Girl

In this podcast Annie Fox talks with Rachel Simmons, author of The Curse of the Good Girl: Raising Authentic Girls with Courage and Confidence. I would recommend that any mother who has a daughter listen to this podcast. The examples they talk about are about teens, however they can easily be related to younger girls. It also give you an insight into how to better deal with what is coming.

A favourite line from the podcast was by Rachel, who said that as parents we do not need to be perfect but we need to progress. Head over to Annie’s blog where she has an excerpt from the book, containing some questions that mothers need to ask themselves because:

You have learned many lessons in your life. By defining them for yourself, you can begin thinking about how to convey practical wisdom to your daughter, in both what you say and how you act.

As with the first podcast you can listen to it directly from Annie Fox’s website – (you can also download it from there), but you can just click play and listen to it straight away.

If you go and check them out, I would love to hear your thoughts!