Nuffnang Interview

The lovely crew over at Nuffnang Interviewed me for their Featured Blogger of The Month, so if you are interested in finding a bit more about me you can head over to Nuffnang and check it out.

While you are there, if you are a blogger and have not yet signed up to Nuffnang, you should check it out. Not only are they a blog advertising agency, but they are also helping to build the blogging community in Australia. The bigger the community the better it will be for all bloggers.

As I wrote in my post on the Nuffnang Awards Singapore, blogging is massive in Asia. And with the growing profile of blogging in Australia, it is the perfect time to become part of this blogging community (and no they are not paying me to say this!!!).

PS. If you want to see an example of what is yet to come in Australia, head over to Xiaxue’s blog. Xiaxue won three awards, including the grand prize of Best Blog for the Asia Pacific Region. This post is a long post, but scroll down to the end and take a look at the awesome figure on her Nuffnang cheque!