Christmas 2009 – Gift Ideas For Children

As you may have noticed I do so love a plan! To me one of the greatest things about planning is the flexibility it actually gives you, whilst still helping you stay on track. For instance this week, according to my 10 Week Christmas Plan, this week I should be working on the Family and Children’s Christmas Cards and purchasing Christmas Wrapping.

After back to back trips to Singapore and then Mildura, I am not even close to being in a position to do that! Well I can certainly purchase the wrapping paper, but I am going to move the card making activities to next week and work on next week’s task instead which is to create Christmas present list and start shopping. Far more achievable for me this week.

As I included last year, if you click on the link below, you can download an excel spreadsheet that I use each year to keep a list of presents that I buy. I find this helpful for two reason, firstly it helps me keep track of what I buy throughout the year, so I don’t buy more than one present for each person. Secondly, it makes sure that I give a variety of gifts to people over the years, not by accident the same present in consecutive years!!!

2009 Planning With Kids Christmas Master Spreadsheet

I am intending to do a significant amount of shopping online this year and have been looking at these sites recently. (And just so you know, I do not have any affiliate links with these sites!)

1. ickle kids

ickle kids have a fantastic range of stocking fillers for under $20, including these fab toys:

Kids Chritmas Gift Ideas  - Maths Magic MixerMath Magic Mixer

Christmas Gifts For Kids - Word SpinWord Spin

Children's Gift Ideas For Christmas - Monkey SkittlesWooden Monkey Skittles

Children's Gift Ideas - Kidz Cardz TinKidz Card Tin

2. Fishpond – Children’s Books

My almost 11 year old is currently reading anything he can find my Robert Muchamore, in particular the Cherub and Henderson Boys series. You can pick up these books mew for $14.95 which is a significant saving and if you spend over $49 there is free shipping.

My 8 year old son is loving the Diary of A Wimpy Kid series and they can be bought online here cheaper too.

I have just finished reading the Enchanted Wood by Enid Blyton with my 5 year old daughter and she is very much looking forward to reading more. Folk Of The Faraway Tree and other Blyton classics can be bought online here too.

Zazzle – Design A T-shirt

Zazzle allows you to design a children’s t-shirt (and pretty much anything else for that matter). I have some designs / wordings that I think they will like, I just have to do a bit of market research, to make sure that they will actually like them and wear them.

Magazine Subscription

I really like the idea of a magazine subscription for kids as it encourages reading and it lasts for more than one month! Here are a couple of subscriptions that I am checking out at the moment:

Little Angel is for girls aged 5 to 8, who love fun and aren’t in a hurry to grow up – we aim to reach the unchartered territory between girls who watch The Wiggles and girls who wear makeup and like to dress up. Little Angel is about having fun, getting involved and staying a kid while you still can!

National Geographic For Kids
is based on the adult version but it is designed especially for children ages 6-14.

Just Kidding is packed full of fun, entertaining content that is designed and aimed at readers aged 6-13 years. Each 100 page edition provides the latest on music, video games, movies, toys, books, sports, pets, puzzles, celeb interviews and of course tons of competitions! Just Kidding is the only youth publication that encourages healthy living (NO JUNK FOOD CONTENT ALLOWED).

Just Kidding is also curriculum aligned! Content is constantly researched with schools across the country to assist in learning development. These features are then provided in a fun yet informative environment that kids, teachers and parents enjoy! Subscribe now and check out why Just Kidding is Australia’s highest circulating youth publication!

Wacky But True
– This cool mag for kids is the BEST value for money on the market. Each issue contains short articles on history, nature and archaeology, written in a fun and entertaining way. Kids enjoy reading them so much they don’t even know they are LEARNING something. Aimed at 8-15 year olds this mag is a winner with boys and girls alike – all for the cost of just one hamburger a month!

Any hot tips for somewhere to purchase Christmas Gifts for kids online? Even if it is your own site, feel free to leave a link in the comments, I am keen to do some more online window shopping.