Make Your Own Comic Strip For Kids

Make Your Own Comic Strip For Kids For Free

I came across this fun website courtesy of Reading Rockets. Make Beliefs Comix is a free website that allows you to make your own two, three or four panel comic strip. It is very easy to use:

For parents – click on the “Dialogue Prompts” label under the first panel before you get the children started. It gives great tips on how to use the comic strip creation as a medium for discussing emotions with children.

  • Choose how many panels you want to create.
  • Choose your character/s, then click through the options to choose an emotion for your character/s and click to add it to the panel.
  • Move the character to where you want them to be in panel and add a thought or talk bubble. You can adjust the size of the bubble by clicking on the red arrows.
  • Click on the bubble in the panel to write your text.
  • Choose a background and you have finished the first panel.

My kids had great fun making comics over the week end, the one illustrated above was the creation of the 8 year old. As it does not require too much technical skills, even the 5 year old has been able to make her own as well.