Monthly Review September 2009

Planning With Kids Monthly Review

When I looked at my post plan to see what I should be writing I was quite shocked to see it was end of the month again! I also realised that my little baby is now 8 months old – he has grown up so quickly. We have really hit the end run to the year now. I do love the Spring / Summer months so am looking forward to what they bring.

Review of Key Tasks For September

  1. Balance Work, Rest and Play
  2. I would probably rate myself a 7/10. I have been getting to bed earlier and have been taking multiple days off at a time from the online world, which I have really been enjoying. The trick will be too continue this in October, which is packed full of fun things to do!

  3. Christmas Craft
  4. I made Self Cover Button Hair Ties in September, which has seemed to kicked of somewhat of a button addiction! I then also made Fabric Covered Buttons on Bobby Pins.

  5. School Holiday Fun
  6. I think I planned too many activities into the first week, so by Thursday I think I had some over stimulated kids! I pulled back a little and with the assistance of rain keeping us indoors, we managed to have lots of imaginative home based fun.

  7. Create a specific work plan
  8. I updated my work plan early in September, complete with allocating activities to my online time slots. This has really helped me regain focus and reduce the time that I was spending online. Need to make sure that I keep adhering to it….

  9. Find some informative parenting podcasts.
  10. I listed 10 of the best parenting podcasts I found, on the blog last week. I am really enjoying having these podcasts to listen to, especially when I am doing mundane housework tasks like dusting and folding the washing.

Key Tasks For October

  1. Cooking Food For The Freezer
  2. As you may have already read on the blog, I am off to Singapore at the end of the month (soooo exciting!). My gorgeous older sister and her family will be staying at my house to look after our four children who will not be coming with us. I want to make sure that she won’t have to worry about cooking, so will aim to have a number of meals in the freezer for her to use. Also it will be hectic upon return, so I will hope to make enough meals, so as to make life a bit easier for me when I get back and that I have made enough baby food as well.

  3. Finalise and Package Handmade Items For Christmas Craft Stall
  4. We have made a number of very cute things to sell, but we now need to prepare them for sale. As I will be away at the end of October and my sister is due to have a baby early November, I am going to need to make sure that I utilise my time well in the first few weeks of October.

  5. Take The Children To Refugee Camp In Your City
  6. I highlighted this family activity in list of activities for October. I really want to make sure we take the children to this, as living in a developed country, in safety, with everything they need for a very comfortable life, I would like them to understand that it is not the case for all families.

  7. Start 10 Week Countdown to Christmas Planning
  8. Last year I did a ten week planning countdown to Christmas. Each week I had task to focus on and it really helped me to be organised and to not feel rushed and stressed out the time Christmas came around. So I aim to do the same planning regime this year too.

  9. Go To Singapore!!!!!!
  10. I am completely thrilled to have been nominated into the Top 5 Parenting Blogs for Asia Pacific. So I will be heading to Singapore for the Nuffnang Awards Ceremony on 23rd October. I would love it if you would vote for me, to help Planning With Kids become the #1 Parenting blog. You can do so by clicking on the Nuffnang Awards badge in the sidebar.

What sort of month was September for you?