Monthly Review August 2009

Planning With Kids Monthly Review

August was quite a mad month for me. It was one where I definitely placed too much on my plate and didn’t go to bed at a reasonable time to get enough sleep. Thankfully we had planned for Mr I to have a week off towards the end of the month and that allowed me to catch my breath! My key goal for September, as listed below, is to achieve a greater balance of work, rest and play.

Review of Key Tasks For August

  1. Blog Post Plan.
  2. Completed. I was on such a roll with the post plan for Planning With Kids, that I actually planned out until the end of the year!!!

  3. 10.30pm Bedtime.
  4. As my 10 year old would say FAIL.

  5. Early Christmas Preparations.
  6. Have completed a stack of Fabric Covered Stationery. Very happy with the way these have turned out. Will start a new project in September.

  7. Photos In Albums.
  8. Again FAIL! Never even opened a photo album! As much as I would like to have this task done, it is not realistic for me to achieve it over the next month or two.

  9. Key Dates Timeline.
  10. Completed.

Key Tasks For September

  1. Balance Work, Rest and Play
  2. I need to be more disciplined with what I take on and the targets that I set myself. This item in some form is a recurrent theme over the last couple of months and I really need to work on it.

  3. Christmas Craft
  4. Complete another handmade project to add the Christmas gift stcokpile.

  5. School Holiday Fun
  6. Make the school holidays a fun and relaxing time. Also take the opportunity to catch up with friends with whom it is difficult to see during the term.

  7. Create a specific work plan
  8. I have had a work plan before to manage my online time, but it is not reflecting what I do at the moment. Need to revise this and then stick to it so I spend less time in front of the computer.

  9. Find some informative parenting podcasts.
  10. I have been meaning to do this since I received my iPhone back in May. Then when I am cleaning the house etc, I can also be researching and improving my knowledge!

Did you achieve your goals for August?