You Can Tell Little Ones Live At My House


Do you know how hard it is to actually photograph finger marks on the windows??? Well this is my attempt to do so and of the finger marks on the paint work around the door. Even though every time I walk past the door and shudder at the mess, I also love it because it is a reminder that I am privileged to have lovely little ones living at home with me.

This photo is my contribution to Kate’s Perfectly Imperfect Life Challenge. Kate was inspired by a couple of posts, one of which was from Squigglemum where she talks about how each blogger chooses to post different parts of their life and that blogging represents a small part of the whole person’s life.

I thought this would be a great opportunity to make it perfectly clear that I am not perfect! My life has moments of chaos, grumpiness, exhaustion, failed attempts and forgetfulness. My inspiration for many of my posts comes from those “a-ha” moments when after a number of times of not getting things right, it all comes together.

Parenting to me is a journey. I will take wrong turns, get stuck in traffic jams, go around in circles and sometimes be lucky enough to be on cruise control. What I post on Planning With Kids is more of the cruise control moments. I post these moments because I want to share what has worked for us as a family, to hopefully save someone else from going around in circles!

Head on over and see Kate’s gorgeous photos to accompany her Perfectly Imperfect Life Challenge and see who else is joining in.