Nuff Nang’s Challenge 1000

You may have noted that part of my trip to Gippsland in July was sponsored by Nuffnang. Who is Nuffnang you might ask and what does that name mean???

Nuffnang are online blog advertising community which I have joined this year. Nuffnang started out in Asia and as at July 2009, there have over 80,000 bloggers in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Australia.

As for the name “Nuff Nang” is a Jafaikan word that means “Real Good or Real Cool.” I had no idea what Jafaikan meant, but Jafaikan it is the langauge on the streets of inner-city London.

The Australian community kicked off in November last year and has 800 bloggers on board. Nuff Nang’s Challenge 1000 has started today as they aim to sign up another 200 bloggers to the network. So if you are an Aussie Blogger you should check them out and join up. There is flexibility to opt in and out of campaigns (important to me as there are certain products that I would not want to promote on my blog). The more bloggers in the Nuffnang community the bigger the advertising reach and the more successful it will be!

NB. Just wanted to declare that if you do join up and nominate me as the referrer I go into the running to win a prize – I am on a hot streak with prizes at the moment too, winning the last two raffles at the school lunches!!!