Happy Half Birthday!!

Happy Half Birthday

Our little fellow was six months old in late July. Inspired by the gorgeous book from Bob Graham Oscar’s Half Birthday we decided to celebrate our baby’s half birthday, complete with half a cake! We lit his Christening candle and sung happy half birthday, much to his amusement. Unfortunately he couldn’t taste his cake, but his siblings certainly enjoyed it.

I have found the period from 3 – 6 months with my babies, the hardest in their first year of life. This is where they have started to cat nap and also where sleep deprivation sets in for me after months of interrupted night’s sleeps. So I always look forward to the 6 month mark, knowing that (fingers crossed) things start to settle down. So far this has been the case with our beautiful fifth baby. He is starting to sleep more consistently during the day and settles with ease at 7pm and is not waking for a breastfeed until somewhere between 5 – 6am.

It is also from 3 – 6 months where my babies have started to become more active and you can start to see signs of their personality to shine through. I feel that I am starting to find out more about what makes this little person tick. Things I loved about this last few months have been:

  • To see the joy on your siblings faces when you smile and goo at them.
  • Watching you learn to roll over and see the look of complete shock on your face the first few times you managed to do this.
  • How you love to give kisses (that is to suck any part of my face that is close to you and dribble all over me.)
  • How you siblings love to put their faces right into yours, so that you will give them a sloppy kiss.
  • How when I am feeding you, you look up at me intently and like to explore my face with your hands.
  • Watching you being completely entertained by your own hands and feet.
  • How when you are tired and in my arms, you will burrow your head in to me, finding a comfy place for your head to fall.
  • They way you smile at strangers and make them feel special with the warmth your smile radiates.
  • How at the end of a busy day, we both fall asleep during the last feed for the day. (I can sometimes nod off for 10 – 15 minutes, to awake and find him still comfortably attached to me and sound asleep!)
  • Watching the immense enjoyment and love you have brought to us all in the family.

Happy half birthday magnificent boy!! xxxxx