A Few Things!

A few things to wrap up and update on from the world of Planning With Kids!

Children’s Dress Up Tiara Tutorial

Cath has put up a groovy little tutorial here, if you are interested in seeing how to make these.

Handmade Help Recipe Book


The Handmade Help project arose out of the devasating fires that occurred in Victoria earlier this year. A cook book called Homemade is but one product that has arise from this. All proceeds from sales of the recipe book will be donated to the Salvation Army ot help victims of the fires.

Details are as follows:
Homemade: the book
Aus $15 plus postage and handling

The book version of Homemade is a 136-page paperback, packed with recipes for soups, desserts and everything in between.

Available July 2009.
Pre-order your book

Limited copies of Homemade are available at selected retail stores; click here for stockists.

Homemade: the PDF
Aus $8

You may even find a recipe from me in there!

Christmas Cards and Tags
I have been pretty scarce in the online world the last couple of weeks. In my monthly review for June, I spoke about how I had “volunteered” for a co-ordinating role for the school craft group. It has taken up quite a bit of time in the last couple of weeks, as we have embarked on our first major project.

We have created sample packs of Christmas Cards and Christmas Tags to sell at the school Christmas in July luncheon. And I don’t wish to sound immodest but they have come up fantastically well. I will post more about them next week.

Children’s Timetable
If like me, you keep an updated timetable for the children to use to organise themselves, we have moved into a new term and it is time to update. If you have not made a children’s timetable before , check out my post on creating children’s timetable.


Gippsland In Winter

Image by Visit Victoria
We are off in about an hour for a few days to lovely Gippsland. So I will be absent from the blogosphere for a little while, hanging out with the family! My normal posting will go ahead as scheduled next week, but it may take me a little while to catch up on comments and emails when I get back.

Have a great week end and see you when I get back!