Children’s Party Food – Lunch Boxes

Children's Party Food - Snack Boxes

A couple of years ago a friend (MC) told me about how at a party she went to, they served up the children’s food in individual lunch boxes. I thought that this was a great idea and have been using it as the main way to serve food at my children’s birthday parties ever since.

I have found that since serving their food in individual lunch boxes, the kids eat more and less is wasted. If the party is in the cooler weather, I clear a room and spread picnic blankets on the floor and have the children sit down to eat. If it is summer we take the picnic outside.

The children sit focused for a considerable amount of time as they investigate their lunch box and eat their way through the contents.

Children's Party Food - Snack Boxes Single

Unfortunately I took the photo before I put the mini hot dog in. But you can see there was enough room to add a mini hot dog for the kids.

Clean up is also easy, as you can just pick up the boxes, place food scraps in the bin and the boxes and juice bottles into the recycling.

I picked up these boxes (unmade) from Lombards, but imagine that you can purchase them from any party/catering type store. From memory they were only about 12 cents each.

EDIT: Recipes for the other treats in the lunch boxes: