Children’s Mail Swap

Children's Mail Swap

On Monday we sent all the letters photographed above (needed to use the coloured blocks to obscure the addresses) to towns all over Australia and the world! We participated in Pigeon Pair’s:

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I submitted four of my five children’s name to participate in the swap. This meant that we needed to write a total of 20 letters to other children located in Australia, USA and UK. This took us a couple of sessions to complete.

First time around we weren’t quite organised enough with our materials, but after that experience we soon worked out a process and we had a much better flow going and a more enjoyable time.

Children's Mail Swap Preparations

The children have been very excited coming home from school this week and checking what has arrived for them in the mail. They have received all wonderful manner of treasures and learnt new things about different towns in Australia and cities around the world.

A big thank you to Christie for organising it and I can highly recommend joining in if she runs another one.